~ Road Trips ~
We enjoy chasing down leads and taking trips to
check them out. Each one is an adventure all it's
own and it's a lot of fun meeting new people with
shared interests in our hobby. Here's a few of
our recent trips:
      Aaaaannnddd just
like that it's over. Seems
like the older I get, the
faster time slips by. Just
yesterday we were
loading up for Norwich
and now the summer
has essentially passed.
Norwich was a very
good show this year.
Richard Parry debuted
the #137, the
Evans/Barclay car  that
last raced in 1959 and
had been stored in
Evans basement since.
Really a time capsule,
Richard got it complete
with original engine and
trophies. It doesn't get
any better and the car
was a B Class
Champion at Midstate
to boot. He even got the
cheater motor with it...
We brought out the
quitcherbeliakin Gene
Cole #43 with a cough
cough, healthier engine
- old faithful... check the
oil... regularly. John
Mason brough his Henry
-J that raced Fonda in
the early 1950's, Dave
conde brough his '49
shoebox and I brought
the B29. A great show,
amazingly found some
pretty good flathead
stuff, it's still out there,
just not as plentiful...
I dusted off
the old flathead George
#33, always loved that
car but it sure is
cantankerous.... Richard
brought his #137 and
Dad the Green #43.
There was a lot of
interest behind the
grandstand and we did
get a few laps to show
the crowd what the old
girls can do on a track.
The 33 acted up tho and
I figgered it was dirty
Afton was next, the
'Vintage Palooza' which
was essentially an
ACOT show with our
two flathead cars added.
Dad brough the
Mouseville Monster,
John Mason brought the
#5 Bud Hinman coupe,
'69 Midstate Track
Champ car and I
thought I had the #33
straightened out. I
didn't. We made it out
on the track and then
back on the trailer, any
hot laps were taken
with the Monster, which
felt pretty darned good.
The turnout of antique
midgets and sprint cars
was excellent, but the
threatening weather
kept most others away.
Still, we had a good time
at Afton.
 Meanwhile... to the
north of us, Richard
Parry, Dave Conde and
Matt Theis took part in
, all reported
being treated like
royalty at the event.
 We continued to toil on
our '32, the original plan
was to be ready for
Norwich, then 5 Mile
Point.... again, didn't
work out and so I threw
my attention back to the
#33. New coil, different
ignition, ahhh, got it!
Runs great on the
trailer, no hole when I
rev it... Off to Penn Can.
 The last weekend of
July was really busy, (5)
shows in three days!
Just the way it worked
out. We concentrated on
the Southern Tier while
Dave, Richard and Matt
attended the
Bridgewater Car Show
Fonda Legends
night. Again - all reports
were positive. I met Dad
and John in parking lot
behind the track at
Penn Can and the #33
fired up, got off the
trailer, and then quit
again. That's IT!
@#$%&*!? I got it back
on with a heavy black
cloud over my head and
strapped it down. Grant
Buck and Dad tried to
convince me to came
back... I got it home, off
the trailer and tried
some plugs - no spark...
that damn new Mexican
coil.. check my phone,
Dad has called twice.
"Load up anohter and
call me back, we'll wait
for you." OK. I throw a
battery in the Teardrop
and it fires up, load and
go. I'm calling, once,
twice, three, four times.
I try the track, phone is
disconnected... try
Grant Buck, his wife
answers, she's sweet -
"Grant never takes his
cell phone to the track"..
Try Dad again, I'm
driving a little quick...no
answer. I get there to
the parking lot and
there is John with the
#196 and Dad with the
Green #43, they've just
come off the track. Dad
has a shit eating grin on
his face asking me
where I've been???
"Where's your cell
phone?!?!" I respond. He
looks at me bewildered
and then says 'in my
truck..." I'm hot, and
tear out of there. 5
minutes earlier, or if I
could have gotten
someone to answer a
phone I'd have made
some laps. Just not my
night. John and Dad
both had great nights
for the
Legends of
Penn Can.
 By the next morning
I've cooled and washed
the Teardrop. Dad
shows up to my place
early, alls forgotten and
we're off to Kirkwood
Park for a racers
reunion organized by
Grant Buck. This is a
nice event, as nice a
reunion as I've been too.
Beagells have provided
Pizza and drink, there is
plenty for everyone.
John, Dad and I have
Antique Stock cars on
display, Dave Rumsey
brought his nice hot rod,
Gary Beagell's '59 Chevy
is real nice, Steve
Bronson has a lot of
pictures on display,
John's Memorabilia and
plenty of stories - great
day. Off to
5MP for the
Heath Memorial - Dad
and I are the only ones
with stock cars behind
the grandstand, George
Watson adds his '37
Ford street car with
ours to enhance the
display. During
intermission as the
drivers are being
announced we take the
Teardrop and Monster
down onto the track and
dice around a bit - great
fun. Dad passes then I
take point back and
forth...Grant Buck
called the next morning
thanking us and said "I
thought you guys were
going pretty good, you
put on a show..." Great
FUN! Skyline was slated
for Sunday night and we
begged off..
 John Mason has
always done an
excellent job with the
Otsego County Fair, and
this year was no
exception. John had
several cars on display
along with Brent Cobb,
Richard Parry, Dave
Conde and Dad. Pete
Satfford helped out and
the cars drew their
usual crowd.
 And now it's time for
our 'superbowl' - the
Central New York Stock
Car Hall of Fame, taking
place on September
17th at the Otsego
County Fairgrounds.
Weather permitting we'll
be getting the cars on
the track at 11:00 Am,
the Induction is at 1:00
Pm, come join us for
some fun.