These photo's were submitted by several NY State Fair competitors as
well as champions including Cliff Kotary, Larry Nye, and John
McArdell. There's also some great photographer shots from Don
Phoenix, Dave Allen, Carl Rice and the incomparable Bob Hunter. They
capture the excitement of THE RACE during the flathead era. To win
this race was to immortalize oneself as a driver, there isn't anyone
who competed here that wouldn't like another shot at the title.
Nolan Swift in the '10 Pins' has just claimed a checkered flag, 1956.
The 'Dueces Wild' coupe, was driven by both Bill Blum and Pepper Eastman, later owned by Frank Andre as the 'X Car', taking a checkers in 1956.
Larry pulls up behind Robbie Kotary.
Larry Nye lines up in his C-15.
What an album page, 97 Romano (?), 36 Cain, 100 Wood, 1A UNK, 55 Letcher, 16X Hadden. Dave Allen Photos.
1962, Larry Nye in 150 sedan, Wee Willie Allan A5 and John Pawlicki 5B. Dave Allen photo.
Cliff Kotary in victory lane, brother Albert on left with the hardware, 1960.
Cliff roars to his second win in a row, 1961. Bob Hunter Photo.
Cliff Kotary claims his third straight Fair win, 1962. Bob Hunter photo.
Uhh...License Please? Russ Bush aside his crashed #248 in 1962. Bob Hunter Photo.
Moose Cary sips a cold one after the races, that's my father Richard in the foreground smiling, 1963. Don Phoenix Photo.
Updates 4/15/07
More to come..
Buck Holiday in 1959, courtesy of Larry Nye.
Frank's Express in 1959. Courtesy of Larry Nye.
Cliff Kotary 60X and Larry Nye 150 getting after it in 1964. Courtesy of Cliff and Roy Kotary.
1964 State Fair Start, John McArdell, Cliff Kotary and Dick Emerson anticipate the green flag. Courtesy of Cliff and Roy Kotary.
1962 Fair Entries, courtesy of Dave Allen.
Don Pierce 42 and Dutt Yanni 451 flash by Dave Allen's shutter in 1960.
Jimmy Winks in 1972. Courtesy of Mel Ogden.
The Pink Panther makes the show in 1972, courtesy of Mel Ogden.
Ray Bunzey in Smokey Joe Norton's 3X, 1963. Don Phoenix Photo.
Ray Preston has problems, 1963 Don Phoenix Photo.
Updates 4/22/07
These photos were forwarded by Richard Parry who relates - 'OK, Here are the
pictures from Grayson Smith accident at the fair, driver for Dave McCready.
Last year at Skyline he told me this kind of ended his driving as he never had
the desire again as this one really hurt.' Thanks Richard for the great photos.
'Racin' Grayson Smith on track prior...
And after.
Dave McCredy's car was pretty well used up, but who wouldn't try to straighten it today?
This was a violent crash, the engine was Mercury.
'What was left in the trunk'. All 'after' photos taken at the garage the following day.
Here is a lineup from 1953, how many wide did they start?